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Storey Bark Park & Discovery Bark Park

430 E. Watertower Lane

Well-behaved dogs can bring their people out to play at one of Meridian’s two dedicated off-leash dog parks – Storey Bark Park locate behind Storey Park and the Discovery Bark Park located inside Discover Park.

Both dog parks are fully fenced and have separate large dog and small dog areas.

Other dog park amenities include: safe leashing/unleashing area, shade shelters, nearby restrooms, water sources, agility playthings, paved walkways, a variety of ground surfaces, tables and benches, mutt mitt stations, parking area, bike racks.

Dog Park Rules:

Use park at your own risk

Owners are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their dogs
Aggressive dogs must be removed immediately

Dogs must have current license and vaccinations

Owners must clean up after their dogs

No dogs in heat

Owner must be present and in control of their dogs at all times

All dogs must be leashed outside the fenced area

Children must be closely supervised

Park hours are dawn to dusk


Dog License Information --

Important -- Please note that Meridian City Code 6-2-3 requires that all dogs living in the City of Meridian that are over six months old be licensed each calendar year. Licensing ensures that dogs living within the City are rabies-vaccinated and enables them to be reunited with their owners if found running loose.

Meridian dog licenses can be purchased or renewed at Meridian City Hall, the Meridian Police Department, the Idaho Humane Society, and at many local animal clinics. A printable form is available at if you’d like to order or renew your dog license tags through the mail.

Learn more about dog licensing in Meridian here:

Amenities & Features

  • Safe leashing/unleashing area
  • Shade shelters
  • Restroom building
  • Separate large dog and small dog areas
  • People and doggy drinking fountains
  • Agility playthings
  • Paved walkways
  • Variety of ground surfaces
  • Tables and benches
  • Mutt mitt stations
  • Landscaping with trees
  • Dog-themed street signs
  • New parking area
  • Bike racks




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