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Hillsdale Park

3801 E Hill Park St

Amenities & Features:

Hillsdale Park is an agricultural-themed 9.5-acre community park in southeast Meridian located adjacent to the collaborative complex called The Hill. The Hill houses Hillsdale Elementary School, the Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA, and a St. Luke’s medical clinic. Hillsdale Park, established in 2018, is utilized as a school playground for Hilldale Elementary students on school days. The land for the park was once part of the Hill Centure Farm and was donated to the City of Meridian for use as a park by the land’s owners. 

Agriculture Themed Signs, Restroom Building, Picnic Shelters, Tractor-themed Playground, Walking Path with Fitness Stations, Hay Bale Benches, Water Wickets Play Feature, Bike Repair Station  

Picnic Shelter Available to Rent:

Note: During times when there is not a paid reservation on a picnic shelter, it may be used for free on a first-come first-served basis.

Picnic shelters may not be reserved or occupied between 2:00 and 4:00 pm daily (with the exception of full-day reservations), as this is when crews come through to clean the shelters.

Shelter #1  (Hill Farms, Inc. brand on gables; north side closest to water wickets)
Capacity: 100 (generally 5 picnic tables)
Rental Fee: $50 plus tax per four-hour time block (9am-2pm or 4-9pm)
Includes access to power and use of free charcoal grill

Shelter #2  (Hillsdale Farm brand on gables; south side closest to playground)
Capacity: 50 (generally 4 picnic tables)
Rental Fee: $40 plus tax per time block (9am-2pm or 4-9pm)
Includes access to power and use of free charcoal grill

Multi-Use Athletic Fields

Hillsdale Park has two reservable multi-use athletic fields which can be rented for a rate of $5 per half hour or $75 maximum for a full day.

Park Map:

Thinking to reserve?

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